Fall is approaching and that means the rainy season is here too, bringing with it the potential to flood basements across Portland in one fell swoop. Of course, it’s all the more reason to call a Portland plumber to install a sump pump and ejector pump in your basement if you haven’t done so already. Without a sump or ejector sump, flooding can bring severe, permanent water damage to your basement that can lead to undergo expensive basement remodeling. Even worse, if you have a bathroom in your basement, you run the risk of raw sewage leaking in your basement once flooding begins.

To save yourself from dangerous, expensive, and unsanitary consequences, call a Portland plumber from 3 Mountains Plumbing to install a sump and ejector pump to combat flooding before it begins. We want you to be safe when it begins to downpour, and we’d like our highly efficient pump installation will help you relax a bit more even when the weather forecast appears threatening.

Why Should You Call a Portland Plumber?

If you think you’ll be absolutely fine this fall without pump installation, that’s an incredibly risky move you’ll wind up regretting. Here are 3 Mountains Plumbing you should call us:

  1. Durable Protection from Flooding A sump pump is your best defense against a basement flood. It works by actively pumping water out of a designated area, and away from your home. Even with the cost of the installation, a sump pump could save you a ton of money on future water damage. It will also increase the value of your home.
  2. Improved Health: Your basement doesn’t have to be flooded to impose a health or safety concern. A little dampness can be a huge threat to you and your family. A wet atmosphere is a perfect home for mold and mildew growth. Sump pumps help by regulating the humidity in your basement. With less humidity, less you have to worry about harmful bacteria invading your indoor air.
  3. Raw Sewage Prevention: An ejector pump is incredibly beneficial in keeping your basement sanitary during a flood. It can carry waste from the bathroom to the sewer line. Do be mindful of things you flush down the toilet, however, as it could lead to your ejector pump failing and causing raw sewage to leak everywhere.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today for a Portland plumber who can install a sump and ejector pump in your basement and save you from flooding!

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