Your Local Portland Plumbers are Always Here to Help

We understand the temptation to try problem-solving on your own. Do-it-yourself projects can be rewarding and fun for the whole family. Still, it’s important to recognize that DIY projects are just that—projects.

Household plumbing is not an experiment. Plumbers spend years getting the proper certifications to be qualified to manage your home’s fixtures and appliances. Think only of the sanitary implications of plumbing gone wrong—it‘s scary, it’s messy, and it’s potentially hazardous to the health and well-being of you and your family.

Here’s why it’s worth hiring a professional plumber:
  1. Education: At 3 Mountains Plumbing we only hire certified journeymen plumbers. Our professional technicians have received extensive formal training in addition to years of apprenticeships and on-the-job hands-on experience. Ours is a culture committed to ongoing professional development training and certification renewals. Our plumbers will quickly diagnose the problem, get to work with the right materials and equipment, and complete the job to your satisfaction.
  2. Save Money: While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s true. Money is saved when going the professional route. Why? Because we get the job done right the first time. There’s no guesswork and no experimentation. We know what we’re looking for and know what to do when we find it.
  3. Save Time: Hiring a professional means no more trips back and forth to Home Depot or your local hardware store. When we visit your home, we come with a truckload full of advanced tools and equipment needed for every job. Our shop is fully stocked with everything you may need to get a replacement quickly. We have water heaters, toilet bowls, sinks, garbage disposals, sump pumps, etc. plus an endless supply of fixtures.
  4. Warranties: For starters, we provide a one-year warranty on all parts and services. Some of our more specialized services come with extended warranties of up to 25 years.
  5. Coupons: Check out our coupon selection for a variety of plumbing repairs and installations.
    At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we go out of our way to make plumbing a delightful experience for our Portland community.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional who is trained to manage all of your home’s plumbing systems. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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