It’s Easy! Check Your Sump Pump

It’s springtime! And in Portland, spring means rain, lots of it. 3 Mountains Plumbing recommends that homeowners check that their basement or crawlspace sump pumps are in proper working order before an emergency occurs.

3 Mountains Plumbing has same-day service available to meet all of your emergency plumbing needs, basement flooding included, but why not be proactive and find out of there is a problem ahead of time? Basement flooding is not only a costly inconvenience, but it can be an unsanitary and potential health hazard detrimental to the structure and value of your home. No one wants a flooded basement, and a properly functioning and well-maintained sump pump could save the day.

Know these common sump pump problems so you and your family can work to avoid a flooded basement this spring.

Common Sump Pump Problems:

  • Faulty Float Switch: Faulty float switches are the most common sump pump-related problems. The sump pump’s float switch functions as the brain telling the sump pump to continuously remove excess water from your home’s basement or crawl space. We recommend checking and testing your sump pump’s float switch before a major rainstorm
  • Too Much Rain/Overwhelmed Pump: Excessive rain is another major culprit of sump pump failure. Portland, known for its rainy season, remains particularly vulnerable. Excessive rain and leaks simply overwork sump pumps—all the more reason (especially in Portland) to ensure that sump pumps are properly installed and maintained.
  • Age/Poor Maintenance: To be on the safe side, is typically best to replace your sump pump every five to seven years. With careful maintenance, sump pumps may last longer, but it’s best to have them inspected by a professional to ensure your basement and home won’t suffer.

Our advice? Be proactive. Check your sump pump before rainstorms to see how it’s holding up.

If you suspect there is a problem with your sump pump, take comfort in knowing that 3 Mountains Plumbing has over a decade of experience repairing and replacing sump pumps in the greater Portland area. 3 Mountains Plumbing Plumbing also provides a three-year warranty on all parts and services. The licensed journeymen plumbers at 3 Mountains Plumbing count on Zoeller products for long-lasting sump pump durability. As always, there is a three-year warranty on all parts and services.

Need help maintaining your Portland sump pump? Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing for quality and expertise you can count on.

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