Portland Plumber: Water Leaks Damage Your Home and Your Wallet

The owner of a restaurant reported a major basement leak where water was beginning to drip onto the building’s electrical panel. Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, so we sent a technician out immediately.

It’s extremely important that when you notice water leaking, whether it be from your basement or your faucet, you call a plumber as soon as you can. Water not only does damage to your home or business but also to your wallet.

While the first thought in your mind upon seeing water in your basement probably isn’t why it’s there or where it came from, it would be good for you to know. You don’t want to be completely blindsided should it ever happen to you.

  1. Surface water could be pushed through concrete and cracks in your basement walls or floors
  2. If your home’s foundation drain system is connected to the municipal sewer system and storm sewer water from the municipal system is backed up, it can leak into the basement of your home.
  3. Backed-up sanitary sewer water from a combined municipal storm and sanitary sewer system can get into your home’s drain system. This could also be a reason for water coming up through the basement sink and floor drains.
  4. If you have a sump pump, it may be because it’s backed up causing a leak out of the basement floor.
    Call 3 Mountains Plumbing as soon as you can if you ever leak into your home.
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