Ask a Portland Plumber: How to Fix Pipes Without Excavation

A local municipal utility had installed a new water line and meter near this customer’s property. During the installation, the water was periodically turned off and on to his home. This caused a buildup of pressure in his plumbing and created a leak within his walls. The water was coming out to the point where he had three ceiling leaks and a bucket underneath each one.

There are ways to fix pipes that do not require extensive excavation either inside or outside your home. We can pinpoint the exact source of a leak using advanced equipment, and we can repair pipes without having to completely tear out walls or plumbing.

Trenchless pipe repair is a “pipe within a pipe.” It uses epoxy resin to coat the inside of existing pipes, forming a long-lasting layer that will take the place of the damaged plumbing. There will be no need to tear out drywall, destroy landscaping or tear up driveways or walkways.

Let a 3 Mountains Plumbing professional show you how the trenchless repair process works by calling us today!

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