If you have paid attention to the news lately, you’ve been hearing stories about public schools nationwide, even here in Oregon, testing their water supply for lead. Consuming lead can lead to a wide range of health consequences and the scariest part is that water contamination isn’t just limited to schools. Your home’s water supply can also be affected. When you consider just how much you rely on a clean water supply to live comfortably in your home, water contamination can prove to be a huge problem, especially when it places the well-being of your family at risk. If you want to keep water healthy, you need to consider water filtration in Gresham, OR.

3 Mountains Plumbing is more than happy to provide you with a water filtration system that helps keep you and your family healthy. Water filtration in Gresham, OR can help you save money on bottled water, result in cleaner dishes and laundry, and give you fresh water to drink. It can single-handedly improve life in your home, and our team is available at any time to install one. It’s part of our mission to keep customers across Gresham, OR as safe as possible.

Water Filtration in Gresham, OR: When Should You Get It?

The key to having a filtration system quickly installed in your home is identifying the signs telling you the time to get it right now. If you suspect your water is contaminated, please call 3 Mountains Plumbing if you notice the following:

  • Water Discoloration: Your water supply should always be clean and crystal clear, but it’s an immediate means for concern when your water appears anything but. Depending on the source of contamination, your water may be a murky gray, orange, or reddish brown. Do not consume or use this water under any circumstances and call 3 Mountains Plumbing to get filtration that keeps water clear.
  • Foul Smells or Taste: While many water contaminants don’t have an actual smell, the ones that do certainly aren’t pleasant. Using foul-smelling water for showers or laundry is counterproductive as well. Foul-tasting water may also provide you with a bit of a rude awakening once you first take a sip out of your glass of water. If you want to keep the water looking and tasting well, please call us for filtration.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances: Depending on the contaminant, your water supply may be the reason appliances like washing machines and dishwashers aren’t working as they should. Allowing this problem to persist will lead to your water supply permanently damaging these appliances and perhaps make you seek replacement sooner than anticipated. Have a professional inspect the cause of the malfunction before determining if filtration is the right solution.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you want to keep your water supply healthy by installing water filtration in Gresham, OR that will make water ready to drink, wash, clean, and so much more.

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