Even in the Northwest, where rainfall feels constant, it’s still important to conserve water during the summer months. And summer is almost here, which means environmentally conscious homeowners have a lot to do to prepare for a water-saving dry season. The 3 Mountains Home Services experts want you to know how! One of the first steps is to invest in an automatic timer sprinkler. Our technicians can install any system you need at an affordable price and have you up and running in just one day.

You can tighten up your water usage a lot simply by fixing leaks around your home and installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. A Portland plumber can help address your plumbing repair concerns and suggest other ways to optimize your water system. However, the biggest drain on water resources in the summer often comes from gardening, lawn maintenance, and other outdoor water use. Following are some tips for maximizing your water usage in the lawn and garden this year.

  1. Water early.

    Although there is some debate, many gardeners believe that the best time to water your plants or your lawn is in the early morning. This helps protect the plants by keeping them damp during the hottest part of the day, helps prevent the water you use from evaporating before it reaches the plant’s roots, and allows time for the water to evaporate before cooler nighttime temperatures, thereby reducing the risk of mildew, fungus, and diseases.

    Unless you want to get up in the early morning to turn on the sprinklers or irrigation system, your Portland plumber can recommend an affordable automatic timer system that will do the work for you. Most automatic timers turn on and off at whatever time you set to ensure you’re not using any more water than you have to.

  2. Use a soaker hose or irrigation system.

    To get the maximum benefit from minimal water use, consider installing an irrigation system or using a soaker hose to water the garden. Drip irrigation delivers the water slowly to ensure absorption into the soil and prevent runoff. It also encourages your plants to develop deeper root systems, which increases their drought resiliency.

    If you already have an irrigation system that needs a little maintenance, it’s a good idea to have a Portland plumber take care of this plumbing repair for you before summer begins to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.

  3. Measure rainfall.

    Your lawn needs about an inch of water per week to thrive, depending on the soil conditions. To prevent overwatering, use a measuring container to keep track of the weekly rainfall in your yard. When it’s time to water, all you need to do is make up for the amount nature didn’t supply.

  4. Mow and aerate properly.

    Help your lawn use its water more efficiently by keeping the roots shaded. Don’t cut your grass shorter than three inches. It’s also important to aerate once a year to improve water penetration.

  5. Cover your pool.

    If you have a pool, take the advice of your Portland plumber and invest in a cover. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it has to be just enough to keep bugs and leaves out and extend the life of the water. Emptying and refilling a pool regularly is a huge drain on water resources. If you do need to empty it, do it as gradually as possible so the plants in your yard can get the most benefit.

For more water conservation tips, call 3 Mountains Home Services today!

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