Store-Bought Cleaners Are Not the Answer

Professionally licensed plumbers will always tell homeowners not to fix drain clogs using liquid plumbing solutions. What most plumbers won’t do is 1. Tell you why and 2. Provide you with an alternative solution.

Over-the-Counter Liquid Drain Clog Solutions Are Not Solutions

Our team at 3 Mountains Plumbing will also tell you that over-the-counter liquid solutions are the wrong choice, but we offer several affordable alternatives. First, why exactly are liquid drain clog solutions purchased at your local hardware or grocery store bad? Well, the truth is that they do work, but only temporarily. These so-called solutions are unfortunately detrimental to the longevity of your drain pipes plus they tend to cause a host of other problems. Over-the-counter liquid drain solutions:

  • Contain acidic product that deteriorates drain pipes over time
  • Only temporarily remove drain clogs, they will return
  • Are harmful to skin
  • Are not always effective
  • Often just push the clog further down the pipe making it more difficult to reach later

3 Mountains Plumbing Drain Clog Solutions

At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we are always striving to meet green initiatives when serving our Portland community. As part of this ongoing mission, we are our proud dealers of Bio-Clean; an organic and environmentally safe drain cleaning product. Bio-Clean does its job without introducing toxic chemicals to your home or plumbing system. Bio-Clean works by using live bacteria to feed on the grease, hair, and organic matter found in drain clogs.

In addition to Bio-Clean, 3 Mountains Plumbing also comes to your home prepared with best-in-class drain clog removal equipment such as:

  • Motorized snakes
  • Cutting boards
  • Cutting blades
  • Corkscrews

With our array of technology and drain cleaning efforts we will knock out any drain clog, no matter how tough.

So often we hear about the shower and sink drain clogs that keep returning. If thoroughly cleaned, this should never be the case. We work to make sure your drainpipes are not damaged and that the drain clog never returns.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about Bio-Clean and our other methods of helping alleviate the drain clog in your Portland home.

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