Has your water bill skyrocketed for no apparent reason? If so, you can be sure there are leaky pipes somewhere in your Lake Oswego, OR home. The trick is to ferret out the leaks and repair or replace leaky pipes immediately. We’re here to help with four DIY tips for finding the leaks in your home.

  1. Ceiling Stains: A sure sign of leaky pipes is a growing stain on your ceiling. While this can go unnoticed for a time (how often do we look at our ceilings?) it should be tackled quickly when it is noticed. These stains tend to grow outward in a circular pattern and worsen and darken over time.
  2. Mold and Mildew: It’s not unusual for a small amount of mildew to occur in places where water accumulates. The corners of your shower and the outside base of your tub where the absorbent mat sits are good culprits. Drippy shower pipes provide all the built-up moisture required to create this potentially costly condition.
  3. Funky Odors: Stagnant water that has accumulated from leaks often has a sour or musky odor that your nose won’t soon forget. If you notice a dank, musky smell with an unidentifiable source, give us a call. We’ll diagnose the smell, locate the leak and provide fast, reliable repairs.
  4. Puffy Paint: Blistering or flaky paint (or peeling wallpaper) is another sign of leaks in your pipes. Water and moisture can loosen the bond between the paint and/or paper in your house and leave an unsightly mess in its path.

Keep track of your water bill as well. This is usually the first sign of leaks and the one that will surely grab your attention. If you find a leak in your home – or suspect, there’s a leak and can’t find it – call us today. Those little leaks in your pipes can cause a major leak in your wallet if you’re not careful. Leak detection might be a DIY project but leave the trustworthy repairs to the pros. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today for affordable leaky pipe repairs in Lake Oswego, OR that will save you money and your sanity.

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