Project Best Left for Portland Plumbing Professionals

This customer’s outside faucet was not only hard to access, but it also leaked. She wanted a new line run so she could water her landscaping. This type of job can be extremely difficult, even if you only need your pipes moved a few inches. As a result, you’ll always want to make sure that you call a professional rather than try this project on your own.

Any sort of pipe relocation can mean a major plumbing change in your home. You have to make sure that the relocation is performed to code, and the job has to be performed correctly to make sure that no problems occur. Any problems can result in extremely extensive and costly repairs.

In some cases, new pipes can be run under joists on the floor. These joists are usually easy to access through your basement or crawlspace. There are some instances, however, where it may be necessary to break through concrete, such as the slab on which your house sits. If you are in a two-story home and want bathroom plumbing relocated, then this will likely mean having to tear through sections of your first-floor ceiling.

Don’t ever try to take on any sort of pipe relocation project on your own. Call the professionals with 3 Mountains Plumbing instead.

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