Conserve Energy and Reduce Utility Bills

One of the most important things Portland homeowners can do as winter approaches is to have their pipes insulated. Pipe insulation helps conserve energy while helping to reduce monthly utility bills.

Home pipe insulation and winterization projects are the perfect time to check in with a professional plumber. 3 Mountains Plumbing provides a variety of coupons and can help properly insulate your pipes, ensuring that your Portland home is prepared for any unexpected temperatures and weather winter may bring.

How Are Pipes Insulated?

The first rule of thumb is that all exposed pipes should be insulated. These exposed pipes are especially prevalent in basements and crawlspaces but may also be found in attics and outside walls.

Step 1:

Identify exposed pipes.

Step 2:

Ensure these pipes are leak free. If they are leaking, contact a professional to repair or replace the pipe before insulation.

Step 3:

Wrap pipes with electrical heating tape.

Step 4:

Surround the pipes with foam insulation.

What Are the Benefits of Insulated Pipe?

  1. Increases Temperature of Delivered Water

    There are few things as enjoyable as a hot shower after a cold winter day. You shouldn’t have to wait for hot water to arrive. Pipe insulation will quicken the time it takes for water to get warm and makes sure it stays that way as it travels to the faucet.

  2. Lower the Water Heater

    Since insulated pipes work on your water heater by keeping water hot, your water heater may be lowered.

  3. Conserve Energy; Save Money

    A lower water heater temperature means energy saved and a reduction in monthly heating bills.

3 Mountains Plumbing has been helping Portland homeowners to winterize their homes for going on 13 winters. Our fully certified team of journeymen plumbing professionals arrive on time and ready to immediately manage all winterization-related projects at once.

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about our variety of pipe insulation and home winterization solutions.

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