If you are a new homeowner or living on your own for the first time, you can still handle many of your minor plumbing repair projects, and we’re going to help you be prepared! Before you are ready to tackle any plumbing repair projects, you want to make sure you have gathered the necessary tools.

When Is It Time to Call A Professional Plumber? Some DIY Tips

There’s a time to be resourceful, and there’s a time to call a professional! The 3 Mountains Plumbing experts are available 24/7 to provide fast and effective service, so if you’re in over your head don’t hesitate to call.

When does Do-It-Yourself become Call-In-The-Pros?

The most commonly used tools in plumbing repair are adjustable pipe wrenches in varying sizes, channel locks and pliers in varying sizes, a cup plunger (for sinks & shower clogs), a flange plunger (for toilet clogs), waterproof Teflon tape and pipe dope (a quick fix for plumbing leaks), junky clothes and shoes, and old rags or towels you don’t mind ruining. If you feel confident in being prepared for plumbing repair projects, you are much more likely to attempt to resolve them on your own! But do keep in hand the number of a trusted Portland plumbing services company in case anything goes wrong.

Next on the “good to have prepared” list, is to know where all of your water shut-off valves are located. Each plumbing fixture (toilet, sink, washing machine, etc.) should have its own – plus you should know where your main water shut off is. You’ll need these shut offs whenever you have plumbing leaks or start a plumbing repair project, but as a precautionary measure, you want to be clear on where the shutoffs are located in case of a plumbing emergency.

For any non-Do-It-Yourself plumbing repair projects, contact your trusted Portland plumbing services company, 3 Mountains Plumbing, to assist you. As you perform more basic plumbing repair projects, you’ll become more confident in your abilities, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional plumbing service you already know and like.

Give 3 Mountains Plumbing a call today – we’re always ready to help!

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