Portland Plumbers Here to Save the Holidays!

No, really, at 3 Mountains Plumbing we have and will continue to save holidays in Portland! Plumbing mishaps are pretty much always frustrating but can be especially daunting around the holidays when hosting a household full of family members and friends. That’s why we are always on-call and available to provide emergency plumbing service.

We are very pleased to announce that our service superhero, Klint, recently received a Review of the Week from ReviewBuzz! It just happens to be about how Klint saved a family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The reviewer was kind enough to write this:

“Klint saved our Thanksgiving! It was Thanksgiving eve afternoon, and we had a BIG problem – the aroma of holiday baking was suddenly overpowered by the smell of sewage overflow from the shower & laundry drains…this was not just a clogged drain.”

Sewer Problems in Portland at Thanksgiving

Okay, so this is the nightmare scenario. It would be one thing if the garbage disposal was jammed or if even if the water heater seized up, but a sewage-related problem is a serious business. Not only can the stench be foul, but the mess is unsanitary and poses health risks.

Portland Sewer Camera Inspection to the Rescue

The reviewer continues to write: “…We called 3 Mountains Plumbing and good things happened fast.”

Klint used our advanced sewer camera inspection equipment to accurately find and diagnose the problem. Benefits of using this equipment include:

  • No surprises or guesswork
  • Precise pricing
  • Speedy, accurate solutions

We’re proud of Klint and we’re very appreciative that our customer took the time to write such a thoughtful review of our services.

Our 3 Mountains Plumbing team has been fixing and preventing plumbing emergencies in Portland for over a decade. We’re happy to help you through the holidays as we are any other time of year.

The holidays should be as enjoyable as possible. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing—we’ll take care of the plumbing.

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