Truth vs. Fact: 3 Mountains Home Services Experts Tell All

Rather than pay the expense of hiring a professional plumber, many homeowners choose to maintain their Portland plumbing themselves as much as possible. Unfortunately, however, what homeowners think they know about their plumbing systems may not always be true.

The following is a look at some of the common plumbing myths rejected by professional plumbers. Portland, Oregon homeowners can help preserve their plumbing systems by understanding the truth behind these common fallacies:

Myth #1: Plumbers are unprofessional.

Television and movies have perpetuated the myth that plumbers will track dirt into your home, behave rudely and leave a mess behind. In truth, while these types of unsavory Portland plumbing businesses may exist, the city also offers many highly professional plumbers.

At 3 Mountains Home Services, we pride ourselves on offering Portland, Oregon homeowners’ professional plumbers who will arrive neatly attired, wear booties and coveralls to protect the flooring and clean up after themselves when they’re done. Look for a professional plumber who offers flat-rate pricing, as well, so you won’t have any nasty surprises on your bill.

Myth #2: In-Tank cleaners result in a sparkling toilet.

Many people use “in-tank” cleaners to minimize the need for cleaning their toilets. But did you know that most in-tank cleaners simply bleach the buildup in your toilet without actually getting rid of it? Overusing these products can even lead to larger problems with your Portland plumbing over time; as buildup accrues, it can eventually cause damage to your toilet. If you’ve been using in-tank cleaners instead of scrubbing, consider bringing in a professional plumber to make sure your commode is functioning properly.

Myth #3: Everything can go down the garbage disposer.

Many foods should not go down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposer. Your garbage disposal can’t handle food such as stringy vegetables that twist around the disposal or pasta and rice that will bloat in the pipes. Ultimately, sending these foods down the disposer will lead to a drain clog, which may require the help of a professional plumber. Bones and any kind of meat grease can also cause huge problems, so please proceed with caution!

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