Portland Plumbers Caution Against Fraudulent Insurance Offers

Watch out, Portland residents: Companies claiming to offer insurance protecting your water main line may not be on the up and up. The Portland Water Bureau has issued a warning to homeowners about companies that contact them offering annual insurance coverage for the line that connects their home plumbing to the water utility’s line.

When this line cracks or breaks, the homeowner is responsible for procuring the necessary residential plumbing services to repair it. Because these Portland plumbing services are usually required on an emergency basis – as it’s almost impossible to predict when a water main line will break – many homeowners are unprepared to foot the bill.

The water bureau urges caution, however, when considering such insurance policies. Some of them may be legitimate offers, but Portland residents have been noticing a few red flags, such as:

False claims. Some homeowners have complained that salespeople for some of these companies are claiming to have a “relationship” with the water department. The Portland Water Bureau says that’s not true, and that it doesn’t contract or affiliate with any insurance providers.

Loopholes. An examination of the fine print from one of these companies revealed that the insurance provider will not pay for residential plumbing services if the water main breaks due to “acts of God,” frozen pipes, faulty construction or maintenance, or “normal wear and tear.” So what’s left?

There’s no doubt that having to pay for unexpected Portland plumbing services can be a hardship for many homeowners, especially in this economy. But, as the Portland Water Bureau advises, it’s important to do your research before buying an insurance policy for your home plumbing. Call 3 Mountains Home Services today.

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