Sewer Camera Inspection for Roots in Portland

Your toilet isn’t flushing properly. Whether it’s not filling up, or not draining, part of the problem could be roots growing into the line. We all know that trees need water, but you don’t want them getting a morning drink from your sewer drain. Roots interfere with your sewer’s proper operation significantly; they clog your drain, force back-ups, and even potentially break your pipes open like an egg. The only sure way to find if you have roots though, is with a sewer camera inspection.

Think It Can’t Happen to You?

The Portland area is home to lots of trees, all of them seeking water to keep growing. Tree roots are also one of the prime reasons your sewer gets clogged; occasionally you can even enjoy a root as big as your arm taking up residence in your sewer. This impedes your sewer’s flow and can keep standing water in your sewer pipe simply because it’s not draining.

Sewer Camera Inspection Options

When it comes to camera inspections for roots, the chief option is to hire a professional—like the ones at 3 Mountains Plumbing—to come out and snake a camera into the drain to see where the roots may have clogged your drain. Another option is to work a snake into the sewer and simply yank it to see what you can clear out.

However, the professional camera inspection allows you to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your sewer and can allow for a more accurate decision on what to do.

Sewer Camera Inspection Benefits

A camera inspection allows you to see what’s happening in your sewer. The clear benefit here is that you know what clogs are present—and where they are—so you can eliminate the clogs quickly and easily.
With roots penetrating and clogging your sewers, it’s important to know where all the blockages are so you can get them out quickly. A sewer camera inspection allows you to take care of that.

Sewer Camera Inspection Features

A sewer camera inspection by the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing typically involves sending a camera in through the sewer drain in your yard. The camera is on a long flexible hose, which can be pushed through the pipe and transmits information back to a monitor on the surface.

When the inspection is completed, the camera is removed from the drain, and you’re given a clear picture of the next steps.

Need a sewer camera inspection for roots in Portland? Get in touch with 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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