Portland Plumber: Why Your Sump Pump Fails

It’s March—and in Portland, that means rain, rain, and more rain. As spring approaches, 3 Mountains Plumbing recommends that Portland homeowners be prepared. No one wants a flooded basement or crawl space, so know what to look for to avoid possible sump pump failures.

What is the # 1 Cause of Sump Pump Failure?

The number one cause of sump pump failure is a faulty float switch. The sump pump’s float switch is like the brain that tells the sump pump when to do what it is supposed to do—remove excess water from areas of your home where it is not wanted. If the float switch is broken, your home could be in danger.

We also receive a lot of calls for sump pump basin replacements. Sump pump basins often become cracked or corroded from extensive rainwater, so it’s important to make sure they are in good working order. A far less frequent, but possible cause of sump pump failure, could be due to electrical shortages.

Why 3 Mountains Plumbing?

3 Mountains Plumbing has been providing plumbing expertise to the greater Portland area for over a decade. If you need help with your sump pump this rainy season, you can expect the following from 3 Mountains Plumbing:

  • Tried and true Zoeller sump pump installations.
  • A three-year warranty on all parts and services.
  • Licensed and professional journeymen plumbers.
  • A delightful plumbing experience.

3 Mountains Plumbing will get the job done right, and with a warranty on all parts and services, there’s little to lose!

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help prepare your home for Portland’s rainy season. Make sure your sump pump and float switch are ready for the rain.

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