Portland Plumber: 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Toilet Plumbing

Keeping a fully operational toilet generally isn’t considered too much of a challenge. However, toilet clogs and other related issues can easily occur when this essential fixture is neglected instead of regularly maintained. To avoid major problems requiring the help of local plumbers, Portland homeowners can keep their toilet plumbing healthy by implementing these easy practices:

  1. Keep the toilet regularly cleaned.

    By putting a little extra effort into regularly cleaning the toilet, you will not only prevent the growth of nasty germs, but you will also help avert the problems that can occur when buildup begins to form in the toilet bowl and drain. Be sure to put only mild cleaning chemicals down your toilet plumbing and choose a plastic cleaning brush over harsher tools such as steel wool to avoid scratching the fixture.

  2. Be mindful of the formation of mineral deposits.

    During your regular cleaning routine, you should also inspect your toilet for the formation of mineral deposits. These deposits can be light brown or rust-colored streaks or sections. While mineral deposits are largely an aesthetic problem – over time, they can ultimately leave permanent stains in the bowl – toilet clogs can occur if mineral deposits are allowed to build up in certain parts of your toilet. If your home has hard water, paying extra attention to the formation of mineral deposits is a necessity.

  3. Check the toilet regularly.

    In addition to a regular cleaning schedule, all homeowners should inspect their toilets consistently. By being mindful of what’s going on with your toilet plumbing, you can remain alert to any unusual water flow or suspicious water levels in the tank. Catching these abnormalities earlier rather than later will benefit you tremendously by giving you the chance to fix the problem before a visit from a Portland plumber is required. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today.

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