Portland Plumber: Knowing the Cause Can Help You Prevent Clogs

If there’s one thing you know about drain clogs, it’s that they’re annoying. They prevent you from doing easy everyday tasks – like showering and washing dishes – while also having the potential to cause a big mess. While we understand you may only be concerned with just the fact they are clogged, we think it’s important you know the reasons behind the clogs, too.

Why? Because how else can you try and prevent them if you don’t what the reason for the clog is in the first place?

Common Reasons for Drain Clogs

  1. Incorrectly installed or connected piping: Unfortunately, this is a problem you may not have even known you had – until something went wrong. The best piece of advice we can give is to ensure that everything is installed correctly the second time around, and 3 Mountains Plumbing can assure you that it will be.
  2. Inappropriate items in the garbage disposal: You can’t throw everything into the garbage disposal. The reality is that it’s just not as powerful as you think it is, and you have to be cautious not to throw fatty foods, stringy or starchy vegetables, potato skins, and other tough foods down the drain.
  3. Sagging sewer lines: You will know this is the problem if your drains are running slower than normal and continue to back up.
  4. Unauthorized items being flushed: Feminine hygiene products, too much toilet paper, toys, toothbrushes, etc. are all items that don’t belong in your toilet drain.
  5. Outdoor debris: If things like mud, clay, grass, or leaves get into your drain line it will cause a stoppage. Typically, that means you have a break, and a clog, and will have to repair the line as well.
  6. Municipal government’s failure to maintain lines: This is another issue that you have no control over, but one that can cause you quite a bit of trouble. If they don’t maintain their sewer lines, you may be experiencing someone else’s backup – not even your own.
  7. Tree roots: Yes, this is a real problem. They infiltrate your line, grow, expand, and eventually clog your line right up.
  8. Grease: Grease is one of the worst culprits of clogged drain lines that we see, so it’s important to watch the stuff you are putting down your drain.
  9. Collapsed sewer lines: This problem can be intense to fix, as it’s costly and may require some excavation. But don’t worry, 3 Mountains Plumbing will make it as harmless as we possibly can!
  10. Line breakages: To check for this, look for a pile of debris at one location. If you see it, the break in the line needs to be professionally addressed.

No matter what’s causing your drain clog, 3 Mountains Plumbing will clear it with ease. Call us today!

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