Ask a Portland Plumber: Where Did My Hot Water Go?

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing better than hopping into a nice hot shower. When your water heater is on the fritz, that nice hot shower can turn into an icy blast. You might risk a toe or finger in a quality check to see if your water has gone warm yet, but you’ll be wasting time and water waiting for warm water that isn’t coming.

No hot water can be a frustrating problem. Not only because it’s an inconvenience in your daily routine, but it’s also a clear indication that something is seriously wrong with your water heater. A cold shower is a pretty clear sign that something is not quite right, but look for these signs to see if you need your water heater looked at:

  1. Strange noises coming from your water heater
  2. Lukewarm water that never gets hot
  3. Hot water that only lasts for a few minutes
  4. Water that comes out too hot
  5. Pools of water that form around the base of the water heater
  6. Rust and corrosion that forms on the unit

Issues like these can oftentimes be easily ignored or blown off. Having this mindset can be a costly mistake: little warning signs that something is wrong will eventually build up to a major issue. A quick repair today may save you from a major replacement or fix later on.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues in the Portland area, give 3 Mountains Plumbing a call today. We’re ready to help you through any water heater repair you may find yourself in need of, everything from a minor fix to a whole system replacement.

We believe in honesty and integrity and want to exceed your expectations each time we service you. You should never have to settle for less-than-perfect service. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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