Ask a Portland Plumber: Best Choice for Portland Water Main Pipes?

Water service piping decisions can be overwhelming. In Portland, unlike most cities, homeowners are responsible for all pipes between the sidewalk water meter and the foundation of their homes. Greater pipe distance means a greater possibility for water main line replacement emergencies.

Making informed decisions about piping replacements may prevent future disasters. So, what are the options?

  • Galvanized pipe repairs
  • PVC or Copper pipe replacement
  • Polyethylene Wirsbo pipe replacement

Water Main Line Replacement: The Best Option

3 Mountains Plumbing is proud to be a certified Wirsbo pipe installer. While other water pipe options may be less expensive, they are most likely quick fixes that will not stand the test of time. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Galvanized pipe protects—but does not prevent—rust. These pipes are screwed together at joints that frequently deteriorate into loose threads causing increased opportunities for dripping and failure. They can be clamped, but this becomes an expensive bundle for a temporary fix.
  • A less expensive option is PVC pipe (or, polyvinyl chloride). Some homeowners cut corners by affixing less expensive PVC pipe to a pre-existing copper option. The connection between these is a common place for water service failure as are PVC joints kept together with glue. Glued joints will eventually fail due to weather conditions and other natural wear and tear.
  • Hard copper pipes are naturally more durable than their soft copper companions, but both may be susceptible to water turbulence and eventual corrosion.

3 Mountains Plumbing chooses polyethylene Wirsbo pipes for all of Portland’s water main line service needs. 3 Mountains Plumbing is so confident in the staying power of Wirsbo water pipes, they warranty them!

The Benefits of Polyethylene Wirsbo Pipe

  • One long roll of pipe from meter to house prevents joint fractures
  • No glue or joint threads
  • Improved crosslinking joint technology
  • 25-year warranty on pipe and fitting
  • 10-year warranty on labor and materials

The choice is clear. Contact a professional at 3 Mountains Plumbing for all of your water main line service questions in the greater Portland metro area.

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