Portland Plumber: Do You Have Sediment in Your Water?

A lady called us and said the faucets in her home were spewing sediment whenever she turned them on. When this happens, it is often caused by a defective water-softening system.

Most softeners have a smaller tank filled with “media,” or small plastic beads. These beads help filter out impurities so that your water is clean and safe. However, over time these beads can become defective and no longer do their job properly. If this has happened to you, you can find replacement beads at a local water-softening company.

Disconnect the tank, flush out the old media, and pour in the new beads. Also, check your softener control head to make sure its screened ports have not become clogged. Make sure that you turn off your softener before performing any type of work. Check the float valve in the brine tank to make sure it hasn’t become clogged with salt. If it has, you can take out the valve and soak it in a tub of water to remove those salt particles. Once you have done all of this and reconnected the system, clean your sink aerators as well.

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