It’s Important to Know What Projects Require Permits

In August 2011, the city of West Linn announced the launch of its Accela building permit program, which can issue permits for residential plumbing services when appropriate. After a West Linn plumbing contractor submits project plans that do not require a plan review, along with a permit application and payment, the contractor receives a note via email that states that he or she is “authorized to begin work.” At the time of this post, only licensed contractors can apply for an e-permit.

When You Need a Permit

In the state of Oregon, you need a permit for all new single-family or two-family home construction projects and for specific alterations, you may make to your home. Residential plumbing services that require a permit include:

  • Water heater replacements: If a West Linn plumbing professional installs a water heater into a home, he or she may be able to obtain a minor label permit.
  • Plumbing features in new installations.
  • Pipe alterations on the inside of a ceiling, wall, or underfloor.
  • Emergency repairs, replacements, or alterations to damaged, frozen, or leaking pipes if the new pipe is over 5 feet.
  • A home remodels or addition that requires the relocation of existing plumbing and/or the installation of building sewers, water services, or rain drains that connect to wastewater collection systems.
  • Plumbed water features.

Verifying a Contractor’s Permit

It is the responsibility of the individual performing the plumbing work on a home to obtain all the necessary permits. You can check online to make sure the contractor you hired has obtained the right e-permit by checking the ePermitting website. Simply enter the information about the permit application (record number, name of project, start date, and end date), the contractor’s license information (license type, license number, name of business, and Construction Contractor’s Board number), and the address of the work site.

Permits help ensure safe residential plumbing services. If you are not sure whether your West Linn plumbing project requires a permit, schedule an appointment to meet or speak with the city planner. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today.

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