3 Mountains Plumbing Provides Honesty and Superior Service

At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we have been committed to quality customer service throughout the greater Portland area for over 13 years. Part of our continued mission is to truly get to know our community and our customers. This means providing transparency, honesty, and of course, superior service.

We believe that up-front pricing is one of the main key components to building lasting relationships with our clients. It removes the guesswork so that everyone begins on the same page and can move forward until the job is done.

How Our Up-Front Pricing Model Works

We do our best to keep the process simple, and to keep it delightful! We know, “delightful” might sound a little silly at first, but the truth is, we want you to have a delightful plumbing experience and will do everything we can to make that happen.

Here’s how our process works:
  • We have an estimate and offer you options.
  • We agree upon a fixed price and go to work right then and there.
  • We do not leave until the job is finished.

Benefits of Up-Front Pricing

  1. Up-front pricing shows you we know what we’re talking about!

    We have a team of experienced and fully certified journeymen plumbers. Our plumbers undergo specific and consistent training to ensure they are well-versed in the latest industry technology, equipment, and safety standards. If we can’t make a solid estimate that we can stand by throughout the job, then we don’t deserve to do the work. It’s that simple.

  2. You know what you’re getting into.

    There’s no guessing. The price is cut and dry. You’ll be given several options and you can choose the one that works best for you, your family, and your home.

  3. No surprises.

    Our household plumbing systems provide us with enough surprises. You certainly don’t need any more excitement from your plumbing company. Know and be comfortable with your price up-front through to completion.

Please call the professionals at 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about how our up-front fixed-rate pricing can help you and your plumbing systems. Don’t forget to also find out about our available coupons!

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