Drain Services in Milwaukie, OR
July 15

Common Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

Dumping household waste down the drain seems so easy, but do you know how much damage it can cause to your drain and sewer system?… View Article Read More

Drain Cleaning Services in Portland, OR
December 6

Drain Cleaning Portland

Ask a Portland Plumber About Your Drain Cleaning Options We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: do not use liquid drain cleaners! But… View Article Read More

Professional Drain Cleaning in Portland, OR
December 4

Professional Drain Cleaning Portland

Why You Need a Professional Drain Cleaner When was the last time you had your drain cleaned? If you’re not sure or don’t remember, it’s… View Article Read More

Thanksgiving Plumbing Repairs in Portland, OR
November 28

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Portland Plumbers to You and Your Family!

This Thanksgiving we continue to be humbled and grateful to have been successfully working alongside Portland homeowners for the last 13 years. We thank you… View Article Read More

Drain Cleaning Services in Portland, OR
August 13

Camera Pipe Inspection Portland

Portland Plumber: Inspections Make Drain Cleaning Much Easier Drain clog problems are an especially pesky plumbing issue that if not correctly eliminated, will continue to… View Article Read More

Drain Cleaning in Portland, OR
July 17

How To: Clean Your Drains in Portland

Store-Bought Cleaners Are Not the Answer Professionally licensed plumbers will always tell homeowners not to fix drain clogs using liquid plumbing solutions. What most plumbers… View Article Read More

Shower Drain Services in Portland, OR
June 17

Shower Drain Clog Portland

Portland Plumber: How to Clear Your Shower Drain Clog Ever take a shower standing in a few inches of backed-up water, along with a nasty… View Article Read More