April 10

How to Properly Dispose of Cooking Grease to Protect Your Drains

Grease is a common by-product of culinary activities like cooking, frying, and baking. Pouring grease down the sink can cause this substance to cling to… View Article Read More

Generator installation services
December 5

What to Expect When Having a Home Generator Installed

Home standby generators are the ideal solution for ensuring your residence always has electricity and protection against power outages. Unlike portable generators, home generators are… View Article Read More

Plumbing Repair in Milwaukie, OR
May 25

Troubleshooting Drain Problems this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who have died while serving the country. Not only is it a time of remembrance,… View Article Read More

Sewer Repair in Milwaukie, OR
April 30

Signs You Need Sewer Repair

A broken sewer line can cause a range of unpleasant problems throughout your home. Your sewer carries wastewater away from your home to keep your… View Article Read More

Drain Clearing in Milwaukie, OR
April 15

Eight Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains this Spring

Clogged drains are a common, yet incredibly annoying problem that most people have to deal with. Although clogs occur often, there are things that you… View Article Read More

Plumbing Maintenance in Milwaukie, OR
March 31

Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, so you’re probably getting ready to start your spring cleaning! If so, don’t forget about your pipes! Your plumbing… View Article Read More

3 Mountains Plumbing in Portland, OR
December 9

3 Mountains Plumbing: A Delightful Portland Plumbing Company

We Make Plumbing Delightful Plumbing? Delightful? Huh?! We know, we know, these are two words you don’t often hear together. You have probably never heard… View Article Read More

3 Mountains Plumbing in Portland, OR
October 30

At 3 Mountains Plumbing: No Quotes, Just Up-Front Fixed-Rates

Your Local Portland Plumber Helping to Make Your Plumbing Needs Easier! It may seem strange at first, but in the last 13 years, we’ve learned… View Article Read More

DIY Plumbing in Portland, OR
August 8

Downside of DIY Plumbing Portland

Most Plumbing Projects Should be Done by Professionals Do-it-yourself projects can be fun. These creative endeavors engage the entire family and may even bring about… View Article Read More

3 Mountains Plumbing in Portland, OR
July 16

3 Mountains Plumbing: We’re a Little Different

Your Local Portland Plumbers One phone call to of Portland and you’ll know we are a different kind of plumbing company. We do things a… View Article Read More